30 days of CONTENT for 3 Social Media Platforms in 2 Hours

3 answers you need to know about content creation for social media; 1. what to post? 2. when to post? 3. how to post?

You are sitting there staring at the flashing light of the cursor, wondering what to post on social media that would eventually sell your digital product, or service.

The longer you are staring at the screen, the more desperate you are getting. Finally, you stand up to pour another coffee for yourself.

Now that you have that cup in your hand, you can join us live to figure out how NOT to get to that same place with your content writing efforts. Ever again.

You are going to discover the easiest way to turn your story and your offer into a content creation strategy that gets seen on the platform of your choice.

You are also going to get a hands on planner to keep you on track with your content strategy, and distribution plan. So you will never feel consistent posting daunting.

Once you have learnt the system to write posts, you will totally feel the need to batch create. So we are venturing into territories like scheduling apps, posting frequency, and analytics.

And YES, we are gonna get it alldone in 30 minutes. Time is our most valuable commodity. We plan to spend it wisely.

However, you can bring your questions at the end, to help you internalise all the steps that we are gonna cover.

Video training
Video 30 minutes
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Content Clue Calendar
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Kisvárdai Zsuzsanna

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