Course Launch Accelerator

Ships aren't built to stay in the harbour.

Neither is your online course.

Launching it, getting few students enroll every once in a while builds NO sustainable business.

But I have something for you that helps you overcome this challenge.

It's an easy-to-follow, fool-proof system that walks you through the most important phases of building a profitable online course business.


Here are the components you DON'T need to figure out:

  • your BOLD PROMISE that excites and empowers your ideal student to take action,
  • your TIMELINE that gives you the consistency in meeting your ideal students,
  • your TECH SETUP that runs on autopilot, and leaves no leaks, or bumps along the way,
  • your GAME PLAN that you just plug and play to grow your business.


Wanna learn what your pass covers exactly?


Week 1: building a launch plan and a calendar that fits your schedule -> you can create your own timeline, it can take longer than 6 weeks for you, yet it ususally takes 6 weeks to launch a course if you have the detailed content outline ready

Week 2: "brand origin story" + content calendar to initiate conversations -> to get people have you as a top-of-mind expert you need to have a story that is interersting enough to listen to, relevant enough to share, and authentic enough to build trust. 

Week 3: YOUR FUNNEL -> tech set-up; scary as it sounds, you need ot have a "leak-proof" funnel, and most of the time it is the tech setup that lacks proper structure

Week 4: YOUR FUNNEL -> opt-ins, pricing, value ladder, these content pieces are important for your students to move on their journey towards buying your course.

Week 5: TESTING -> perfection is not when you can add nothing else, but when you can take away no more ;-) so you need to test, test, and test some more to make it work seamlessly

Week 6: tweaking and perfecting your funnel


Bonus 1:  1-hour video/audio content edited

Bonus 2:  opt-in done for you



Course Launch Accelerator $597.00 Order
Course Launch Accelerator $327.00 Order

Kisvárdai Zsuzsanna

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