Empathy Mapping Masterclass

A simple yet powerful tool that helps you boost course completion rates and map out course content to motivate.

Empathy is the ability to share the feelings of others.


They say we are bound to decide emotion-driven.
They say we have to learn to control our emotions to succeed.
They say we need to conceal our emotions when we perform to accomplish.
So many restrictions and controversy.
As an educator, you need to be aware of all three aspects of the learning process.
That is you need to cater for emotional, mental and intellectual aspects of the transformation you teach.
That is why Empathy is one of your greatest asset together with Creativity.
What you are able to feel about the other persons painpoints and situation opens up ways for you to give him help.
The more Empathy you have, the deeper the understanding becomes.
The deeper the understanding becomes, the more versatile solutions you can come up with.
The more versatile solutions you offer, the more peeps can get help from you.
This is exactly why Empathy Mapping is so important when crafting content for your expertise.

I can show you how to do it.


Zsuzsanna Kisvárdai

I believe that kids choose their families before being born. (My son also told me this around the age of 3 once I was putting him to bed.)

My choice of family was an abusive father a submissive mother a younger sister. But both my parents are teachers. So I saw how schools worked from a young age.

I also had an ongoing role-play me teaching my teddies and dollies from the age of 4. It was quite obvious for me that I need to teach to realize my mission in life.

I also chose these parents with amazing fathers, my grandfathers. I spent seemingly endless periods of time with my grandpas to get away from my abusive father. So grateful for this.

One of who taught me that there is an underlying principle for all things operating, happening around or with us. All we need to do is to become the observer of the events. Thus, I became the outsider to observe and learnt to take part actively at the same time.

So I learnt that it required safe environment, dignity and loyalty (which is one of my core values in life and business) for humans to grow. This also led me to the realization that there is no such thing as teaching but learning takes naturally place when the input, the environment and support you get enable you to tackle unexpected events.

My other grandpa was the greatest story-teller of all times. We would spend hours listening to him telling us stories about life. Wild-life when strolling around his farm, or doing gardening together. Social interaction while having dinner, dignity and self-esteem when talking about tackling oppression of communism upon being taken to jail for standing up for his own values, ect. So he showed me how engagement in the learning process and scenario-based learning are crucial for an effective learning process.

I was smart at school, never really learned but paid attention and succeeded academically. But i was far from conforming, so I had some pretty harsh conflicts with authority figures -> teachers.

As a student of sharp-eyes for congruency and virtue, I soon recognised that teaching requires solid self-regulation, good planning & leadership skills, charisma but also requires flexibility. Teachers must be ready to show their students how academic information should be applied in real life, thus learning takes place outside the institutionalized settings.

I also recognized early on that each of us has a unique gift by which we can contribute to the community. It enriches the community and the individual mutually. It is also important that an expert is not an expert because he says so, or because he says this is how things work and you should do it like that.

An expert in his niche has the necessary theoratical knowledge that enables him to set up a system that creates an environment that provides the students with the resources they need to master a skillset.

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