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Course Launch Accelerator
Week 1
Mindset Saturday
Weekly Training
Resources - Week 1
Planning and Prioratizing Your Launch
Assignment for Week 1
How to Share Your Google Calendar

Week 2
Mindset Saturday 2
Weekly Training 2
Write Your Story
Write Your Story 2
Assignment for Week 2

Week 3
Mindset Saturday 3
Weekly Training 3
Funnel Pieces - walkthrough
Facebook Pixel
Teach Your Obvious

Week 4
Mindset Saturday 4
Weekly Training 4
Pricing - The Mindset
Value Ladder - Mindset
Opt-ins - How To
Content Creation Guidelines
Course Registration Page
Opt-In Page Templates
Social Media Post Templates
Email Sequence Templates For Opt-In
Facebook Ads Copy Templates
Webinar Slides Templates
Email Sequence Templates For Webinar

Week 5
Mindset Saturday 5
Weekly Training 5
Assignment for week 5
Get Your Course Platform Launch Ready

Week 6
Mindset Saturday 6

This workbook helps you write the same story from your ideal students percpective. Make sure you leave enough time and space between the 2 workbooks not to overload, or overwhelm yourself. Remember you are on you own timeline. Use your calendar, and blocked out times to stick to your commitment, and keep you on track.

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