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Your Introductory Course In 4 weeks - Self-Study Course
Welcome Unit
Welcome Unit
Your Schedule
Foundation For Your Course

Week 1
Thursday Training 1
Workbook Audio - week 1
Assignment Week 1
Accountability Check-In & Q+A

Week 2
Thrusday Training 2
Workbook 2
Supplementary Audio - week 2
Assignment Week 2
Accountability Check-In Q&A - week 2

Week 3
Week 3 Overview
30 Days Of Content
Workbook 3
Content Calendar
Assignment Week 3
Accountability Check-in Week 3

Week 4
Thursday Training 4
Types Of Funnel
Types Of Opt-Ins
Workbook 4
Email Sequence Templates
90 Days Launch Plan
Assignment Week 4

Exit Unit
Final Step

You are going to build a foundation for your course here. It comes with a bit of ground work. You are going to check in with your business; * on the whole, and present status quo * how to fit in the course creation Please, visit the Trello board and go over the cards there. You are going to find checklists,an empathy map, and a questionnaire. https://trello.com/b/KE4hOJYA/onboarding-group-program Here is your progress planner/tracker: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1x5E3sICr3kKuLsWo3gtEijekzRXHc2qFDCJsIwOk6UQ/edit?usp=sharing Please, make a copy of this Google Spreadsheet, and be ready to create your schedule around this group program by the end of week 1.

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