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Your Introductory Course In 4 weeks - Self-Study Course
Welcome Unit
Welcome Unit
Your Schedule
Foundation For Your Course

Week 1
Thursday Training 1
Workbook Audio - week 1
Assignment Week 1
Accountability Check-In & Q+A

Week 2
Thrusday Training 2
Workbook 2
Supplementary Audio - week 2
Assignment Week 2
Accountability Check-In Q&A - week 2

Week 3
Week 3 Overview
30 Days Of Content
Workbook 3
Content Calendar
Assignment Week 3
Accountability Check-in Week 3

Week 4
Thursday Training 4
Types Of Funnel
Types Of Opt-Ins
Workbook 4
Email Sequence Templates
90 Days Launch Plan
Assignment Week 4

Exit Unit
Final Step

Here is the training for week 2. It is an audio file so that you can listent to it on the go. I suggest you listen to it twice or three times, as it has loads of aspects to it. Take your time. Then here are the steps you want to take: 1. Identify the learning objective for each unit. 2. Apply BRIDGING, and come up with real life scenarios. 3. Find tasks that support the scenarios. 4. Come up with an assignment for each unit. 5. Craft the overall learning objective for your course.

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